Mixed high top trainers

125 €

Canvas high top trainer. Special edition

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Drawing on the brand's textile archives, we designed a special edition for our high-top trainer. It's inspired by the sports T-shirts of the 80s, worn and worn again.

Made from a fine twill with a heavy twill lining, the technical nature of this model with its nine inserts takes pride of place. The tones are pastel, as if softened by time, washing and the sun. 

High top in bleu, yellow, pink and green bleached cotton twill. Lining in off white cotton twill. Upper and lining: our cotton is organic GOTS certified. Material characteristics: soft, and strong cotton. White cotton flat laces, 7 metallic eyelets. White rubber midsole and outsole. Removable polyurethane cotton canvas top insole. Patented ventilated outsole, direct vulcanisation. Made in Thailand.

CANVAS: It is first recommended to use a dry soft brush to remove anything that might be attached to the shoe.
Then, using slightly soapy water and a soft brush, gently rub the entire shoe, do not hesitate to insist on the areas that could be particularly stained. Once the shoe has been cleaned and dried, using a waterproofing agent, treat the shoe one last time to protect it.
Avoid using a hard brush that could damage the fabric.

RUBBER: With the help of a classic clean white rubber, do not hesitate to restore its natural colour on a regular basis.

INSOLES: we recommend that you hand wash your insoles and air dry them well.

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