Can I put my shoes in the washing machine?

We do not recommend putting your Spring Court shoes in the washing machine to avoid damage to the material. We invite you to discover our advice on how to care for your shoes below.

How do I look after my Spring Court?

Here are our tips for cleaning and caring for your shoes. Before cleaning, we recommend removing the insole.

To best look after your shoes, each material requires special care:

. CANVAS  using a dry soft brush remove anything that may have attached to the shoe. Then, using slightly soapy water and a soft brush, gently scrub the entire shoe. We recommend that you avoid using a hard brush as this could damage the fabric. Once the shoe has been cleaned and dried, use a waterproofing agent to treat it one last time to protect the material.

. LEATHER (cowhide, goat): in the same way as canvas, first remove visible residues with a soft brush. Then moisturise the leather to restore its suppleness and shine. Once dry, a waterproofing agent will protect your pair.

. NUBUCK / SUEDE: avoid the use of any liquid products and banish any greasy product that could drip on the surface of your shoe. Preferably use a suede rubber or a soft brush for dry cleaning.

. LAMBSKIN : before use, be sure to apply a neutral waterproofing agent to avoid altering the colour of your shoe. If marks appear after a heavy rain, let your shoes dry and then rub the marked areas with a soft cloth. Then waterproof your shoes again. As with Nubuck, avoid contact with cream or body lotion, which are too greasy for this leather. 

. RUBBER: we recommend you rub it with a classic white eraser. You can also use a brush with warm water and soap, rinsing well. Do not hesitate to clean it regularly to restore its natural colour.

. INSOLES: we recommend that you hand wash your insoles and air dry them well.